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DZR Minna-Schuh

DZR Shoes

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113,52 €
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Named in honour of the grand, gritty alley of Minna St where DZR's showroom is based, and featuring graphics designed by their favoured local artist and DJ, Jeremiah Bal, the DZR Minna Shoes represent a fresh homage to an original.  

All black, and made with a rich mix of leather and canvas, the Minna comes with DZR's latest sole, and of course, their performance mapped flex, giving you great power transfer on the bike and a comfortable walking footbed. Completed by recessed SPD pedal compatibility, they also feature a 600 luminosity rear reflective badge for low light visibility.

DZR Minna-Schuh

113,52 €
Verdiene 95 Radfahrer Punkte, wenn du diesen Artikel kaufst
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8 Produktrezensionen

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  • SPD Pedalen
In Detail
  • SPD compatible
  • Variable-flex nylon inner shank
  • Performance mapped flex for mobility
  • Strategic stiffness for power transfer
  • 600 luminosity reflective badge
  • Natural rubber sole - sticky, durable and provides optimum grip
  • Clip in, clip out - footwear for both bike and pavement!
  • Comfort of a trainer with the performance of a cycling shoe
  • Reflective rear badge grabs attention in low light
  • Elastic lace catch - laces tucked away, and no getting caught in your chain-ring
  • Treat your new pair of DZR with the care you would offer any other vulcanised trainer
  • Remove marks with a damp, soapy cloth (no bleach!)
  • Take care not to scuff the top of the shoe if you regularly flick the pedal up with your foot when setting off
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  • Dan Dodd Niederlande 10•05•2012
    Dan Dodd Niederlande 10•05•2012
    These are simply great. I was a little worried about shoe thread clearance (I use Eggbeaters) at first, but with a shim (A freebee from Crank Bros.) these work better than my old pair of Chrome Kursk Pro's ever did. More flexible on the pavement, stiffer on the pedal - just what I wanted out of a hybrid shoe.

    The fit is spot on and they're really comfortable, no chaffing heels against the abrasive cordura..

    The crew here at AlwaysRiding have been most helpful too, I got a very elaborate and helpful response when I ran into some problems with thread clearance.
    4 von 4 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Gary Browne Vereinigtes Königreich 08•05•2012
    Gary Browne Vereinigtes Königreich 08•05•2012
    These are my second pair of DZR shoes, so the size is as expected. These are much chunkier than the DMT-8, but its exactly the same sole unit, so they are the same size. These feel a bit more refined, the cleat now has a plastic cap over the bolts which unfortunately I had to peel back to replace a bizarrely curved cleat plate which was digging into my foot a little. I just stuck the one that comes with the shimano cleats in and it was fine. The leather and rubber at the front works well in the wet, far better than canvas, but also keeps your feet pretty hot. I actually reamed a couple of holes in the instep with a Swiss army knife to let them breath a little. I contacted DZR last year about breather holes and they said they were considering putting some in the new range. They didn't. Also the lace loop on the right shoe wasn't stitched in very well and came off within a couple of days.

    But don't let these small niggles put you off. They are well made and solid. I wear them all day and they feel great on and off the bike.
    4 von 4 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Ricky Lie Australien 14•08•2012
    Ricky Lie Australien 14•08•2012
    When I open the box and saw this shoes, I really happy!
    The made is really good, the feel when I used this shoes for ride is stiff and for walk still acceptable.
    For size, usually I used 42.5 with Nike brand but with this shoes I used 41.
    3 von 3 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Aki-Ville Pöykiö Finnland 08•05•2012
    Aki-Ville Pöykiö Finnland 08•05•2012
    These shoes are pretty much what I wanted them to be. Softer than "real" cycling shoes of course but much better looking and still perfom ok when riding. Only complaint is that while I usually wear 44 cycling shoe and 43 normal shoe, these in size 43 are a bit big for me. Still ok, but would like to try one size smaller.
    2 von 2 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Niels Hoffmann Niederlande 04•05•2012
    Niels Hoffmann Niederlande 04•05•2012
    I'm loving these shoes! They're stilish, comfortable to walk on while they perform great on the bike as well.
    The cleats are quite recessed so you do not hear them at all while walking.
    It also means I had to move the cleats to the center to be able to fit my pedals.
    And on my other bike the inside of the shoe actually touches the crank. So I might need to tweak the cleat position some more.
    I would definetly recommend these shoes for commuting style riding.
    1 von 1 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
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DZR Minna-Schuh
113,52 €

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