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    • The (not so) Winter Hack Bike

      Thanks to modern-day steel, the winter hack bike is no longer the beast of burden of bike lore. Svelte, skinny, and yes even stylish, your off-season love interest is now a serious contender for a hazy summer of continent-crossing romance. With a few lessons in etiquette, it might even shave its legs, but let's not be hasty... (...)
    • Coming Soon to Store: Strawfoot Bags

      We take a look behind the scenes at the new-to-store brand, Strawfoot bags. These US made bags have garnered quite a following from those in the know, we take a look why. (...)
    • Pas Normal Studios - New Fall Collection

      The new Fall Collection from Pas Normal Studios features Shield fabrics to take the sting of winter winds and the worst of the weather this Scandinavian brand is accustomed to. (...)
    • Bike to the future - the developments that may change the way we go about urban cycling

      News earlier in the month about a new glow in the dark bike path in Poland which is charged by the sun and then emits light at night got us thinking about the innovative ways that technology is being used to help cyclists, particularly where renewable energy is being used to enhance infrastructure for everyday cycling. (...)
    • How to pick your next set of tyres for your road, commute or gravel bike

      Choosing bike tyres… for some riders this is a necessary evil, for others a chance to indulge their (perfectly legal) rubber fetish. For those of you who aren’t rubber fetishists (yet), we’ve put together a brief guide on what to look for when picking a tyre. So, whether for everyday road riding, race day, commuting, gravel or mixed terrain riding, we'll have you rolling in no time. (...)
    • New Year Plans? Peruse these Gifts for the Touring Cyclist

      For the loved one who spends time off the bike planning the next adventure, challenge or explore, our cycle touring gift guide will suggest, tempt and showcase some of the best gifts for those who love to travel by bicycle. (...)
    • Restocked: Lumo Jackets And Backpacks For The Stylish City Cyclist

      Often the greatest ideas come out of the most unfortunate of circumstances. This was certainly the case with cycle clothing brand Lumo, which was started by founder Doug Bairner and his partner (now wife) Lucy after Doug had been knocked off his bike by a car driver who had failed to see him in the dark jacket he was riding in. Luckily for him no permanent damage was done, and luckily for us this unfortunate event led to the development of Lumo’s innovative cycle clothing and accessories. (...)
    • Keeping warm whilst looking cool… the urban winter cycling jackets which will see you through the season in style

      To keep you cycling in style throughout the winter season, we’ve brought together a selection of urban winter cycling jackets which look great on and off the bike and will keep the cold out effectively without being overly warm when you get going on the bike. (...)
    • Top Trumps For The Trails: Christmas Gifts for Mountain Bikers

      Unless your loved one drops some heavy hints about what they would really like for their upcoming two-wheeled adventures, it can be hard to know what to choose for them as a cycling-related Christmas gift. We’ve had a think on your behalf and come up with some tasty gifts for the keen mountain bike rider in your life which are sure to go down a treat. (...)
    • Winter is coming... Time for some night riding with Exposure bike lights!

      Now that the clocks have changed, the self denial really needs to stop... winter is most definitely, certainly coming, and we can’t do anything to halt its progress. It’s not all doom and gloom though, because just in time for this extra darkness in our lives, we have got our mitts (or more appropriately our bulky winter gloves) on a tasty new selection of lights which will brighten up the darkest commute or post work pedal in the most literal sense - if you find yourself regularly riding routes which are unlit other than by the light provided by your bike lights (or think that this is something which you might like to try), you might be interested in the latest addition to our lights range: Exposure bike lights. (...)
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