12 Great Urban Cycling Gifts for Under £100

Great urban cycling gifts at this time of year can give a loved one the impetus to ride through the worst of the weathers. With minds on sunnier times, we sat down (festive snack in hand) and bitterly defended our corner over what would make our curated list of 12 great gifts.

Crank Brothers Candy 2 Pedal Chrome Chekhov Utility Belt
Among our rider favorites are these great bits of bomb proof kit. Pedals from Crank Brothers and a Chrome Bag not only look great but also give you the confidence that they will still be along for the ride in years to come.


Henrichs Men’s Samurai Band Bern Watts London Skyline Helmet
Two gifts ideal for a lover of big city style - the Bern Skyline Helmet or the super reflective Henrichs Samurai Band.


Giro LX Road Glove PEdAL ED Elastica Belt
City style doesn't have to mean black and rugged. These sartorial offerings from Giro and PEdAL Ed offer something a little different for the city rider.


POC Receptor Commuter Helmet POC Index Air Adjustable Glove
Although.... Black and rugged does look pretty mean. This POC Receptor Helmet and Index Gloves house some pretty high end tech to keep you safe as you traverse city streets.


Swrve Lightweight Shorts Vulpine Men's Long Sleeve Merino T-Shirt
An addition to the cycling wardrobe is always welcome and when it comes in the form of this pairing from Swrve and Vulpine you'll be getting a combo that balances nicely between style and substance.


Cafe du Cycliste Berthe Merino Hooded Top PEdAL ED Summer Cycling Cap
Ideal for the city rider who likes to escape the big smoke at the weekend. The Cafe du Cycliste Berthe can be worn as a top layer or as a deep winter base layer whilst the PEdAL Ed Cotton Cap frankly is perfect for any ride.


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