12 Road Cycling Gifts for under £100

The under £100 road cycling gift category is a present buying paradise. A couple of small gifts maybe, or one blow out gift, but for a great, well received, low risk, no complaints present this is the category for you.


The Catlike Whisper resembles the Mixino for a reason. Used by the pros last season the Whisper has been kept in the range due to its high performance levels. What the introduction of the Mixino did do however was force a price cut - the Whisper now gives a few pennies change from £100.


Catlike Whisper World Champion


Good first layers are a must for the winter cyclist. Both the Ibex Woolies base layer and the Howies Bib Tight are super soft bits of kit, if it wasn't for their warmth, you may forget you are wearing them.


Ibex & Howies


Jerseys form a staple of the road rider's wardrobe. Of the ones you know about most riders have a few and most still want a few more. The Cinelli Team Jersey or Cafe du Cycliste Henriette make fine additions to any rider's kit.


Cafe du Cycliste & Cinelli


Whether an official Belgian or a Belgian at heart, the Bioracer Belgium Jacket is a great way to show off your colours, whilst the Cafe du Cycliste Madeline Gilet adds some European flair to your rides.


Bioracer & Cafe du Cycliste


Whoever is the rider in your life - you want them to get home safe at the end of the day. Most cyclists are constantly thinking about chain-rings, cols and calories so may get distracted on their way home. A supposed short ride that ends up lasting 6 hours shouldn't be a problem as the Cateye Volt 300 will keep them safe as the light fades.


Cateye Volt 300


The Etxeodo Etxe gloves are like buying two presents in one. With a pull out cover they can quickly and easily be transformed to the super warm, if a little odd looking, lobster style glove. Great for changeable conditions and varying levels of cold.


Etxeondo Etxe Wind Stopper Gloves


Looking down at one of these three beauties is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether it's the gift of extra power from Speedplay, a better fit from Vittoria Shoes or warmth from Etxeondo these will be all gratefully received.


Vittoria, Etxeondo & Speedplay

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