Adidas Cycling Sunglasses: A Technical Approach

Sunglasses masquerading as ski goggles and alarming aviator style shades, the pro peloton has seen them all. From Greg Lemond to Ryder Hejesdal exclamations of "what IS he wearing" have been heard in cycling cafes worldwide. However Adidas Cycling Sunglasses take a more technical approach, with understated design (by cycling standards that is) they let their riders do the talking.


Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim


When it comes to cycling sunglasses the lenses house the majority of the tech; a good pair of lenses and the right ones for the right conditions can negate the split second panic that occurs as you descend tree-lined mountains or when the sunlight glares off wet roads.


Adidas Sunglasses


Adidas' LST (Light Stabilizing Technology) Lenses offer 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation and a pleasing brightening effect despite high light absorption, alongside enhanced contrast vision. This translates not only to protection but also to a clearer view of what lies ahead in a variety of conditions. Featured in all of the Adidas Cycling Sunglasses from the Elite Level Halfrim Pro to the more full wrap Adizero Tempo.


Adidas LST Lens


The technical approach would not be complete however without a compatibility with prescription lenses. Opticians that stock Adidas should be able to make up a set of LST lenses allowing you to take full advantage of Adidas' technical approach.


Adidas Eyewear


The ergonomics of Adidas' frames allow for an accurate fit and independent adjustments can be made to the nose piece and arms to eradicate pinching around the nose and behind the ears.

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