Always Riding Nominated for the 2013 Bike Biz Specialist Retailer Award

There is a moment in the series Breaking Bad when Walter's old car-cleaning boss says to him "can you be tough Walter? You have to be tough". As relevant advice as that is for enterprising drug-lords, it could also be asked of any start-up or small business brave enough to attempt to carve out a niche for themselves amongst a sea of well-funded venture capitalist backed larger competitors. In short, small business is tough, and sticking with it, building a brand and thriving without a deep-pocketed investment vehicle funding your every move is especially hard. For all of the aforementioned then, Always Riding is incredibly pleased to say that we have been nominated for the Bike Biz 'Specialist Retailer' award for the second year in a row by our customers and suppliers; an honour for which we would like to thank each and every person who took the time to email Bike Biz on our behalf.


For the award itself, who knows? Despite offering better customer service (check out our Trustpilot ratings against some of the other nominees), a real humdinger of a website (you won't believe how hard we work at that), a supremely rider-centric focus, right through to a more curated 'specialist' product selection, we certainly have a lot of plus points. Winning though is another matter.


Sometimes life throws you a curve-ball.


Here's a link to the full nominee list.

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