There's something about being amidst the trees, above the morning mist, and nestled amongst hills more mountain than rolling dale. We don't know what that something is - it could of course be a debilitating sheep-allergy, but it's where we are from, where we belong, and now, thanks to an epic tea-fuelled move from our former HQ in London, where we are based. That's right peeps, Always Riding has moved back to the 'of Eroica Brittania fame' Peak District, where we first started back in '08. With more space & a whole lotta fleece, we hope to better serve you in our new home.

If there's one lesson to be learned from all this, it's never move, ever. Seriously, way too hard! Boxes - endless boxes, and biscuits, ha! Biscuits in places no biscuit has the right to be. This is what comes of a too lenient dunking policy - things will change.

All things considered, we are rather pleased to be in our new home. With the airport only 30 minutes away to take our packages abroad, views that promise (and deliver) miles of sublime riding, and scarily fast broadband (if you saw our Instagram post, yes, it really is bounced off a castle) making the office click and whirr like a well-tuned Hope hub, things have never been so good at AR HQ.

Drop us a line if you ever want to pop in. If you can cycle up the hill we are on, you deserve a cup of tea.

Fresh Rubber

It's not all new location news, but new categories too! This week we turned on the first of our bike tyre pages, and although not the sexiest thing we sell, it is nevertheless an area that we have wanted to cover for some time.

Let's face it, buying bike tyres online pretty much sucks. How many pages do you need to go through just to get the rubber you need? 1000, or perhaps 10? We think 10, or rather, a more handpicked selection depending on genre. So whether you hit the gravel, black-top, or the trail, we hope to use some of our bike and industry-insider knowledge to offer what we think are stand out options for your two hoops. Oh yea, and we're shooting our own pics - tyre photos also suck.

Watch this space for more additions over the coming weeks...

From the store...

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