Cinelli Cycling Caps

Freshly designed Cinelli cycling caps are a mad-hat addition to your biking ensemble, and just the thing to complete a well appointed kit. Designed in conjunction with big names from the world of design and the Red Hook Crits Series, the collection breathes new life, bold colours, and belly laughs into the oft timidly worn cotton cap.

With cult English illustrator, Stevie Gee, on board, these were never going to be your white stripe, familiar type caps. These lightweight lids are rich in colour, with Mr. Gee's Look Out and High Flyers caps showing that the range isn't just cool, it's actually collectable.

With additional designs from Kelli Samuelson and Neil Bezdek of Team Cinelli Chrome and, a whole bunch o' dots thrown into the mix for good measure by Cinelli themselves, there are Cinelli cycling caps for all your tarmac tear-ups and mischievious meanders downtown.


Cinelli Caps

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Always Riding's in-house language loon, serial quipper, and odd shoe wearer. Un échappé from Somerset, Will is a bicycling country bumpkin cutting his chainring teeth in London town. Identified out on the road by his predisposition for cycling caps, approach with caution or cake.
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