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Cleaning with coffee

In a recent review of a cleaning product for oily hands on Road CC, a contributor mentioned that coffee grounds will also do a good job of cleaning your hands. I had occasionally used sugar and soap when out on the road - which works just fine - so decided to give coffee grounds a try the other day.

Oily Hands post-bike fettle. Boy do these palms need a clean!

I have been subscribing to Pact Coffee for some time, so one morning when I was feeling particularly bike-venturous, instead of throwing the grounds away I put some in a jar. After my next bit of routine maintenance I put a teaspoon full in my hands, rubbed them together and then used a bit of liquid soap from my dispenser and rinsed. It worked just fine, allowing me to recycle the coffee.

Look at them, they are basically asking for a good bit of moonlighting.

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