Many a backpack claims to be perfect for the everyday commuter, but for the guy or girl looking to arrive at work and change into pristine crease-free work-wear (for that is Henty's schtick), then the new Henty Wingman Backpack, an iteration of their already hugely popular slung over the shoulder bag Wingman Messenger, is worthy of some serious attention.


Now available in classic 2-strap backpack format, the Henty line exists to allow commuters to haul their precious (and most definitely never to be wrinkled) apparel items with ease, as well as providing space for a heap of accessories within the inner bag. Small enough to fit within airline carry-on specs, we can see the Henty Backpack proving popular with international business travellers looking to ditch their unwieldy and crease making suit holder for good!




Put simply, it is a suit bag that rolls up into a neat backpack (as the name suggests) and is filled with a nifty gym bag. The build is terrific. It is sturdy, waterproof and the zips are great.

Carrology Henty review



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