Cycling Camera Bags - The Ultimate Crossover

Cycling photography is big - no longer content with just riding, cyclists have turned to photos to record their rides. Curiously at the same time the bike has become a go to option for the professional photographer, providing a way to traverse a large area without missing out on that winning shot.


These creative cycling types have begun to demand a camera bag that works both on and off the bike. Chrome launched their Niko Range a year or so ago with the Niko Camera Sling proving immensely popular with the urban cyclist. The Niko Pack - a camera backpack version - has been added to the range - aimed squarely at the professional end of the market with enough space for a day's shoot.



Chrome Camera Bags



Inside Line Equipment, likewise, renowned for their durable urban bags found that they were being asked by photographers from around the world to add padding and structure to their bags for the transit of valuable lenses, bodies and flashes. They have done just so and unveiled the Photo MKIII alongside their Photo Bag Prime and Photo Bag Mini - all three have received rapturous reviews in both the cycling and photography press.



Inside Line Equipment Photo Backpack



It is rare for crossovers such as this one to be so successful but both Chrome and Inside Line Equipment have developed camera backpacks that cater for camera lovers of all levels.



Cycling Camera Bags


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