Cycling Eyewear Arrives at Always Riding

There are only so many snappy titles a man can come up with. This one isn't too snappy. In fact it ranks alongside the factual but underwhelming 'Croc eats man'. Descriptive, yes, but not the gory hard-hitter it could have been.

Irrelevant foray into the newspaper business aside, the news is that yes, we have added a cycling eyewear category to Always Riding (as if you couldn't guess from our Pulitzer winning title).

First to join the party is US brand Smith Optics, whose products we snapped ourselves and broke down into separate models to better illustrate the included lenses and optical characteristics. To be honest, after adding a dozen of those to the site, we kind of wished for death by crocodile. Not to say we don't enjoy our work, but doubling down on the details certainly takes it out of you. Luckily here at Always Riding we operate a strict hours worked to tea ratio of 1/2. Energy levels restored.

From polarised to mirrored, trail ready to col conquering, Smith cycling glasses offer impeccable visual acuity, combining a made in Italy tag with a rich, innovative eyewear heritage.

All the better to see approaching reptiles.

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About the Rider: Peter
Co-founder of Always Riding, Pete enjoys road, trail and a good city commute. Most of all though, he loves chatting to other riders, the mid-ride stop after a leg-breaking ascent, and a cup of tea at the end of the ride. There is no truth in the rumour that he likes to wear women's clothes and hang around in bars. No truth at all.
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