New De Marchi Autumn/Winter 2015 - Italian Cycling Artisanry

Vestiti bellissimi - Beautiful clothes - That’s what the Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection from Italian brand De Marchi is, and has always, been about. Keeping the wheel turning, be it spinning yarn or churning a big gear, De Marchi jerseys have kept up with the times, remaining sophisticated technical apparel with elegant styling and unrivaled quality. The range being broader than just jerseys though, De Marchi Bib Shorts, jackets and exquisite merino long sleeves are tailored and crafted to suit your needs and cater for the solid core, and, moreover, calves of cyclists. Ranging from Breton baselayers to the apogee of craftmanship in gloves, their latest collection maintains that thread of continuity that runs from the dusty streets of Conegliano in Veneto, where Emilio De Marchi set up his atelier, right up to the present day.

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With the De Marchi Autumn Winter 2015 collection composed to cater for feel as well as fit, they span the history of cycling, and are split between items denoted as Heritage and Innovation, words that resonate solidly for a sport that often dabbles in nostalgia. From the dependable merino of old through to the modern concerns of base layers and close body fits, all is delivered under the time tested and trusted banner, ‘Fatto in Italia’ - 'Made in Italy.'


De Marchi Autumn/Winter '15

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