With a range synonymous with urban cycling, Bern Helmets have become a the staple for the rider looking to get from A to B, between building and bistro. Knowing, however, that somewhere or another, the road weaves out of town, Bern set about creating their first performance helmet.

A lid to tackle the challenges presented out on the road, off on the trail, or simply on that longer ride, the Bern FL-1 MIPS is versatile, feature filled helmet that retains a distinctly Bern style whilst providing the comfort and protection that you require for mile after mile.


The Spec

Equipped with 18 vents and temperature control padding, one of the instantly noticeable characteristics of the FL-1 MIPS is it's formidable breathability. The creation of interior airflow channels allowing a keen airflow and numerous venting opportunities, this helmet is ideally suited to longer hotter rides when effort is a prerequisite to putting your feet to the pedals. The simple addition of a rear boa rotor closure means that fit and feel of the helmet is micro-adjustable, making this helmet, unlike your ride buddies, unshakeable on the climb.

Featuring the latest MIPS technology that's slowly spreading across the helmet market, the FL-1 protects against radial and torsion impacts. The Multi-directional Impact Protection System or MIPS lining of the helmet builds a 'slip' allowance into the design that helps dissipate non-lateral energy in crash situations. Adopted in a Bern helmet for the first time, this early adoption of new technology looks like it will soon become an industry standard - making it's inclusion here rather progressive so far as helmet tech is concerned.

Safety and comfort taken care of, it's the styling that makes the Bern FL-1 MIPS really stand out from the rest of the lids on offer. Maintaining some of that Bern look whilst adding tech features by the dozen, the FL-1 is fantastically versatile, serving the functionality of the serious commuter and road rider whilst equally not looking out of place in a more urban environment.

Available in three different colours and a revamped and streamlined three pronged approach to sizing, the FL-1 is set to make waves as a universally attractive proposition to a broad array of cyclists...

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