Preview - The Quoc Road Cycling Shoe

Regular visitors to Always Riding will perhaps know that we've been rolling with Quoc Pham cycling shoes since day one. Made with real care, attention to detail and ideally suited to both on and off the bike use, Quoc has made a name for urban cycling and touring footwear of the finest quality. On a personal note, Quoc is also one of the nicest people in the bike industry, and it's been a real pleasure watching his brand take off, and to become firm friends along the way.

This year, Quoc has refreshed his branding somewhat, dropping the Pham and shaking up his logo. Cosmetic changes aside, the big news is the forthcoming release of his first road cycling shoes, which we were lucky enough to see and photograph when Quoc recently popped in to see us.

Made to Quoc's typically high standards, the new road shoe boasts a handsome upper in leather and synthetic models, with a patented lacing technique designed to prevent 'lace-slip' (that worrisome time between pulling the laces and tying the knot) to ensure a perfect fit. A carbon/nylon sole supplies the requisite stiffness for lossless power transfer to the pedals.

Pricing is yet to be released, but we expect the Quoc road shoe collection to compare favourably to other popular lace-up road cycling shoe models from other brands.



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