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Rise of the Unsung Pedla - Spring '16

Pedla’s new spring additions, dubbed 'The Rise of the Unsung Pedla' hit European shores having already had a full run out in Melbourne’s warmer climes. Inspired by the off-season early starts, long days, and less than perfect rides, these new additions reward those hitting the good weather with miles already in their legs.

Pedla '16

The 'Peaks' range is first through the doors; the black and white patterned jersey and gilet form a devilish duo, perfect for crisp early season rides and bright spring days.

In addition to new arrivals, the Full Gas Jersey and the Ride/Camo Short Sleeve, both of which barely touched the shelves the last time they visited, have been restocked.

Pedla '16

Next in come early February will be some of Pedla's Pop/Camo collection, more Peaks kit, plus the Aussie brand's impressive debut into women’s cycle apparel.

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