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Sidi Spare Parts - Be Bold & Swap out the Old

It's Italian pick 'n' mix time as the latest range of Sidi spare parts land in store here at Always Riding. With their longheld reputation for high-end, high-performance cycling shoes packed with innovative features and brilliant closures, they're sure to get plenty of use.

Now, for the first time, you can set about making those shoes your own, picking out your parts and customising your colour options. With a range of seven colourways to chose from, you can clash to your heart's content, or clip in with the style to take you that extra mile.

What with form in cycling always beholden to function, at some point down the line, you're going to want to be able to fix those Italian masterpieces, and having some Sidi Spare Parts to hand will no doubt be worth it's weight in gold.

With the replacement heel pad and the Soft Instep 3 certain winners and the Tecno-3 Push Long and Tecno-3 Push Short options catering for the high end 'Wire' range, you can make sure that fit will be as fresh as they day those beauties arrived.

So, chop and change, pick and re-arrange, Sidi Shoe Parts are in store and here to stay!




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