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Silca Pumps - An American Reinvention of an Italian Classic

Silca is a name synonymous with bike pumps, but for a new generation of riders, it may have taken a recent Interbike Award and stellar reviews to bring the brand the attention it so deserves.

Founded in Milan in 1917 by Felice Sacchi, Silca had remained in the hands of the Sacchi family until recently, when Joshua Poertner, a former technical director at Zipp Wheels, bought it.

Silca were the first company to put gauges on pumps; the first company to produce a true 'high-pressure' frame pump; and one of the first to embrace lightweight plastics. This technical superiority led to Silca pumps being on most bikes in the professional peloton throughout the 20s, 30s and 40s - a time when racers were completely unsupported.


Silca Pumps Silca Pumps


So how did one of the bastions of Italian cycling find itself being manufactured in Indianapolis? After leaving his post at Zipp Wheels, Joshua met with Claudio Sacchi, Felice’s grandson. Knowing full well the brands rich history and engineering pedigree he decided to purchase the company and write the next chapter in Silca's history. Shortly after the sale of the company, Claudio, who had been unwell, sadly passed away further solidifying Joshua's determination to continue the company's commitment to making its products by hand. Silca then relocated manufacturing to a small unit in Indianapolis, an area rich in engineering experience, allowing them to use local craftsmen and materials that ordinarily worked within the area's motorsport industry.


Silca Pumps Silca Pumps


Columbus tubing, something familiar to many cyclists, was used in many of their early pumps with everything being handmade and designed to last. The newer, US-made pumps had to have the same longevity as the original Italian made pump that Joshua himself bought back in 1990. Joshua still uses his Silca pump today; it was the trigger for his love affair with the brand.


Silca Pumps Silca Pumps


With this in mind, all Silca Pumps are designed for function, strength, durability and beauty and then made by hand at the Indianapolis base. By doing this, striving for perfection and taking painstaking time over the details, Silca can be confident that this simple addition to your toolbox will never let you down. Even if your pump is damaged - it’s parts are fully replaceable.



Silca Pumps


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