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The Joy of Great Cycling Socks

Cycling Socks

Maglianera's Miami Socks are a work of art in their own right

Steadfast, functional and a sometimes steamy stable-mate, no we're not talking about a Shire horse, we're talking about cycling socks, a cycle apparel category which has sometimes been seen as an unglamorous wardrobe necessity (a workhorse if you will). But have your feet ever felt in need of a hug after a long ride? Or have you felt an urge to partake in the ‘sock doping game’ which is sweeping the cycle world?

Vulpine Merino Socks

Vulpine's Merino Socks - equally at home on or off the bike

Recently I have experienced a revelation, a real game-changer: good socks are well worth their weight in wool (or your chosen combination of man-made fabrics). I had never really considered that socks could make a big difference, being so small and insignificant-seeming, but it seems I have been completely wrong. A good pair of socks set you right up, whether you're going out for a spin on your favourite local circuit, taking your trusty steed on a new adventure or treating your feet after a long day's riding.

De Marchi Cycling Socks

De Marchi's wool socks offer a classic, comfortable style

My favourite sock discovery is the use of Merino wool, which makes socks a delight to put on (especially when my feet are cold or tired); add a pair of shoes and it actually feels like your feet are being hugged – I did not realise that socks could be improved with the addition of shoes! An added bonus with Merino is that it rarely needs washing because of its seemingly magical antibacterial properties.

PEdAL Ed Socks

Pedal Ed's Merino Long Socks are suited to every eventuality

I have also discovered that a well-designed lighter weight sock can greatly enhance what is an already very comfortable shoe when riding in warmer conditions. A good technical lightweight cycle sock greatly aids air circulation in the foot area, giving hot feet more of a chance to breathe.

Ornot's Mt. Tam socks combine a bold colour scheme with refreshing Aireator uppers

I feel like feet are oft-overlooked when thinking about cycling (I know that until recently I certainly didn't give them the attention they deserve), maybe because they don't change or improve through experience or training like other parts of our bodies. However, ‘sock doping’, the latest craze in cycling fashion for standout socks, could address this situation somewhat - it is impossible not to notice some of the wacky cycling sock designs available now.

Embrace the sock doping trend and turn some heads with Defeet's dazzling designs

If you haven't already discovered the joys of good socks, I would implore you to invest in a good pair and experience the positive impact they can have on your quality of life for yourself - whether you choose them for their technical qualities, eye-popping designs, or a combination of the two.

We stock a range of socks suitable for all seasons and for use on and off the bike - delve into our collection and treat you feet with something neat!

Winter Cycling Socks

Cafe du Cycliste's Winter Merino Socks offer something a little more festive

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