The Rise of City Cycle Clothing

If you regularly ride in the city, is the time now right to reassess your cycling wardrobe?

From jeans that you can cycle in, to cycling shoes that dance from pedals to pavement without flinching, the rise in popularity of riding to work has created hitherto unheard of apparel options for the cyclist looking to transition from the bike throughout the day.

Your best foot forward

As the main contact point on the bike, the shoes you choose to ride with are consequently one of the biggest factors in determining your on the bike comfort. A few years back, city cyclists would either ride in their normal shoes, or use mountain bike and road specific performance shoes. A welcome development then, has been the arrival of a whole slew of cycling shoes designed for the city - urban cycling shoes! Unsurprisingly, these developments have been borne out of the rise in bike commuting in the US, with existing brands like Chrome developing solutions, as well as new brands like DZR Shoes, and Quoc Pham at the higher end of the scale.

For traditional cyclists, these shoes can seem a bit unconventional, but if your life does take you into the city and through its different environments, they are a revelation to wear.

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Master of the legs

Unless you are commuting from far outside of the city, your daily commute is probably less than 45 minutes door to door, so for such a short distance (ok, it might not feel short if you've only just started, but it will get easier we promise!) you are well catered for leg wear options.

3/4 Knicks

For warmer days, 3/4 shorts, or 'knicks' are a nice option, providing confidence inspiring leg coverage for the work transition, but with a great degree of breathability. Barcelona's Muxu, swrve and new British startup Vulpine make really nice 3/4 shorts that look the part, and most importantly function really well both on and off the bike.

Cycling Jeans

A newer option, and one that you might not be familiar with just yet, are cycling jeans - of which again, both Muxu and swrve make great examples, with the Japanese Denim stretch fabric in the Muxu Jeans being very popular. Looking like a normal pair of trousers, cycling jeans are cunningly crafted technical pieces that offer significant increases in comfort over a standard pair, in both stretch, subtle technical features, and overall construction quality. It is no secret that most high street jeans are made for a few pence, but because of the demanding nature of the bike, you will find that the cycling jeans from Muxu & swrve are made to a higher quality level; something which is especially true of the Muxu Jeans.

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Bicycle Boxer Shorts

Whilst you will be perfectly comfortable wearing normal boxer shorts underneath your jeans, you can make the distance a little easier by wearing a pair of Craft Bike Boxer Shorts. Craft's boxer shorts rock a slim internal chamois, which is undetectable from the outside, providing a touch of cushioning if you are used to wearing more padding, perhaps in the form of a bib short during road rides, and you are concerned about not having support.

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Happiness is a Cycling Shirt

Cycling is synonymous with the cycling jersey, but now that you are rolling in commuting threads, it's time to leave your prized road jersey for the weekend spin, and jump into a commuting specific cycling shirt or polo-shirt for the 9-5.

Like the new line of commuting cycling shoes, this niche line of apparel is relatively new, but offers compelling reasons to wear, from rear phone pockets, stretchy anti-bacterial fabric, all wrapped up in stylish off the bike looks.

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Well, that about wraps up this article, and we really hope you have enjoyed it and hopefully learned a few things that you can put into practice during your next commute. If you would like to see our entire range of city cycling wear, then please browse in store >

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