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Henty Wingman Suit Bag


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156,04 €
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The Henty Wingman is an innovative suit bag for commuting cyclists, or indeed anyone in need of a dedicated bag to transport a suit and accessories to their destination, both unruffled and seriously organised.

The Wingman is designed to transport business suits, dresses, shirts, iPads and accessories with the convenience of a satchel on your back, and it does so via semi-rigid vertical ribs which restrict its rolled diameter, minimising garment creases. Compare that to a traditional fold in half suit bag and you can start to see exactly why the Wingman is so novel. The Wingman is finished with a plethora of pockets and compartments for your tablet, keys, documents folders and much more.

In the centre of the Wingman resides a gym / utility bag. Waterproof and perfectly integrated with the suit bag, it doubles as an ideal toiletries, towel, cycling shoes - in fact an anything you like holder.

On the bike, or in the airport, the Wingman is hauled via a padded adjustable shoulder strap and steadied via a stabilisation strap. Of course, the sun certainly does not always shine, and so for those occasions the Wingman includes a waterproof, high visibility jacket ensuring that even if you get wet, your suit and contents certainly will not.

Henty Wingman Suit Bag

156,04 €
Verdiene 135 Punkte, wenn du diesen Artikel kaufst
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In Detail
  • Garment Bag Rolled – 56 x 22 x 25cm (22 x 8.7 x 9.8 inches)
  • Garment Bag Unrolled – 56 x 101cm (22 x 39.8 inches)
  • Gym/Utility Bag Dimensions – 50 x 19cm
  • Gym/Utility Bag Volume – 12 litres
  • Colour: Outer - Grey / Interior - Grey
  • Weight: 1.8kgs (3.9lbs)
  • Optional belt (doubles as gym bag shoulder strap) to be worn with waterproof rain jacket
  • Stabilisation strap for cycling or walking
  • Reflective piping for flare attention at night
  • Webbing loop for bicycle light
  • Foldable hook coat hanger
  • Quick release buckle
  • Transport your suit, and arrive wrinkle free at journey’s end
  • Includes a heavy duty tarpaulin gym / utility bag
  • Will fit either a suit (jacket and trousers or skirt) and two shirts/blouses, or three shirts/blouses
  • Large external pocket for keys, documents/folders and accessories
  • Includes a tablet computer pouch
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • High visibility waterproof rain cover with taped seams
  • Use a damp non-abrasive cloth to remove marks
  • Dry naturally
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  • Stinkypimp Vereinigtes Königreich 11•01•2013
    Geschlecht: Male Rides: All types
    Stinkypimp Vereinigtes Königreich 11•01•2013
    Geschlecht: Male Rides: All types
    I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived... it is much better than it looks in the pictures. Its very well laid out and got some decent storage options - I get my suit, shirt etc, plus gym kit, ipad and work stuff in it! Not too bulky at all, considering...

    If I had to have a downer on it, then it would be that the shoulder strap isnt as good as my Chrome messenger bag.. that said, I really like it. Great bit of kit.
    3 von 3 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Charles Martin Vereinigte Staaten 14•08•2014
    Charles Martin Vereinigte Staaten 14•08•2014
    First, I got great service from They shipped very promptly, and the bag arrived in good shape. The only delay was in customs in New York, and that was just over a week.

    The bag is very well made. It's not perfect, and if I had it to do over again, I'd get the backpack version. The two problems this would address are that the bag totally blocks my view in my mirror, and it is a bit unstable because of the single strap. I've not figured out how to get any benefit out of the "stabilizer" strap, so smarter people than me may be able to solve this issue. And if you don't use a helmet or eyeglass mirror, then maybe the bag is perfect for you.

    I've used a modified garment bag from a Canadian company that was well-designed and huge, but I prefer the Henty Wingman because 1) it's smaller, 2) it doesn't require me to put a rack on my bike, and 3) it does a better job of avoiding wrinkles.

    My MacBook Air just barely fit in the provided pocket, but "barely" means it did fit, so that's sufficient. The quality of construction is very high, and I expect it to last for years. I'd buy it again, but I'd get the backpack version instead, as I ride in traffic and my mirror is very important to me.
    1 von 1 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Oliver Peterken Vereinigtes Königreich 08•03•2014
    Oliver Peterken Vereinigtes Königreich 08•03•2014
    This is the most amazing bag for suit-wearing commuters ever invented. I have tried all different types of pannier, shirt and trouser folder there are and all I got was creases. This bag lets you carry shoes, trouser, shirt and jacket, and then look smart in the office.

    The shoulder strap is really good and you can carry the load comfortably. You can even hang the bag off a Brompton bag frame. The pocket comes with a good insert which lets you carry ipad, mobile etc. The roll bag is huge and comfortable carries shoes and a gym kit.

    Highly recommended if you need to change into trousers and shirt at work.
    1 von 1 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Stephanie Williams Australien 20•10•2014
    Stephanie Williams Australien 20•10•2014
    I bought this bag for my partner.
    He is one of those casual ‘non spandex’ hipster riders, who, for the sake of his 5 day a week office job, is required to wear suit and was therefore unable to ride the 8km trek to work each day.
    The ‘wingman’ has therefore become a game changer for him. He is easily able to fit everything he needs into this thoughtfully designed, high quality bag.

    When it arrived, I was a little worried about the size, not that it promised to be compact, but I kind of imagined it being smaller. He finds the size no problem however, it’s about 2kgs unloaded and on his frame, this isn’t cumbersome at all.

    I suppose the only regret I have in ordering this bag, is that I didn’t better investigate and compare the backpack vs. the messenger bag design. I think I would have rather gone for the backpack.. but then again, the messenger is completely secure when it’s strapped on, so neither design is better than the other, I suppose it’s just more about whatever style suits you best.
    0 von 0 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • ianh Vereinigtes Königreich 18•05•2014
    Alter: 48-58 Geschlecht: Male Rides: All types
    ianh Vereinigtes Königreich 18•05•2014 Alter: 48-58
    Geschlecht: Male Rides: All types
    Good bag which I'm using a lot for weekends away (with and without bike) - the sternum strap should be switched around as it is very difficult to attach in its current arrangement.
    0 von 0 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
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Henty Wingman Suit Bag
156,04 €

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