Muxu Ride Merino Jumper


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Your next cool commute just got a whole lot cosier with the Muxu Ride Merino Jumper.

Not much beats the feel of 100% Merino Wool, nor cycling in a beautifully finished, cycling specific jumper that uses the world's finest Merino courtesy of MAPP in New Zealand.

Designed for regular commuters, the Ride Jumper, if you haven't already guessed, is solely constructed from a mid-weight 100% MAPP Merino Wool, with a soft, brushed fleece interior for the ultimate in on the bike warmth. The only concession made to this pure fabric blend is the addition of canvas shoulder patches that are fused to the Merino outer, effectively taking the heavy lifting away from the fabric, and protecting the Merino from early wear if you regular commute with a back pack or messenger bag.

Up front, a YKK rubber tipped reversed zipper brings the collar together and protects the delicate neck area; doing so with an underside protective flap, which also keeps out the wind. Arm length is suitably generous, so even riders over 188cm in height will have no need to worry about exposed wrists, whilst at the rear, the hem is dropped to provide on the bike coverage.

The Ride Jumper is a simple, classic piece, but as a nod to the needs of the urban rider, the right rear features a canvas button-down pocket that is generous enough to take a rain shell, phone, snacks or a pump.

Muxu Ride Merino Jumper

151,97 €

60,78 €

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17 Produktrezensionen

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  • 100% MAPP Merino Wool with fused canvas shoulders
  • YKK reversed rubber tipped front zipper with underside protective flap
  • Rear button-down pocket with canvas exterior
  • Generous arm length for full wrist coverage
  • Printed inner labels for total comfort
  • Spare button for rear pocket included
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  • Peter Teddy Vereinigtes Königreich 06•09•2012
    Geschlecht: Male
    Peter Teddy Vereinigtes Königreich 06•09•2012
    Geschlecht: Male
    Didn't quite know what to expect, this being my first 'proper' merino jumper, but I could not be happier. The fit is great, but the fabric is what you notice on first inspection - really high quality. I work in Berlin during the week, and the Ride Jumper has been perfect for commuting the past few days. I especially like the rear pocket with the rubber button, which is surprisingly easy to use on the bike, although knowing me I will probably drop my phone one day doing that. The shoulder patches have also come in handy, taking the weight of my Mission Workshop bag and as Muxu say, protecting the merino in the long term. Good to see also a spare button sewn inside, and the printed name inside instead of a label.

    All in all, highly recommended, and although pricey, well, you get what you pair for.
    6 von 6 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Simon Hughes Vereinigtes Königreich 02•01•2012
    Simon Hughes Vereinigtes Königreich 02•01•2012
    Great cut - and its clever - somehow it knows if you are hot or cold. Wears well and highly recommended.
    5 von 5 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Fredde H Schweden 23•09•2011
    Fredde H Schweden 23•09•2011
    Just bought this jumper. Looks good on, feels soft and neat and is rather warm. Excellent with the pocket at the back, great for small stuffs like mobile phone.
    4 von 4 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Jari Finnland 16•06•2013
    Alter: 26-36 Geschlecht: Male Rides: Commute
    Jari Finnland 16•06•2013 Alter: 26-36
    Geschlecht: Male Rides: Commute
    Very suitable for morning rides in the spring, I have used it from about 2 to 15 degrees Celsius. Over 15C at my pace results in major sweating, but relaxed urban cruising would be fine. In the lower temps with a merino base layer and something in between to break the wind, and in the higher end with a light short sleeved shirt under, collar zipped open. As it is merino, it's perfect for cooling down in a few moments, if you're lucky enough to have those before rushing inside the office.

    I wouldn't recommend getting it wet, a light water resistant emergency jacket stuffed in a pocket is a must. Helps also when the wind blows too much through the jumper.

    I was actually surprised how good the fit is, even with my long arms and forward leaning riding position, no chill in the wrists.
    3 von 3 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
  • Antony Buchan Vereinigtes Königreich 06•02•2012
    Geschlecht: Male
    Antony Buchan Vereinigtes Königreich 06•02•2012
    Geschlecht: Male
    Was given this as Christmas present, and was very pleased! The fit is excellent (small, I'm 5'8"), its a great looking jersey on and off the bike. Really well constructed and warm.
    3 von 3 Radlern sagten, dass diese Rezension half.
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Muxu Ride Merino Jumper

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